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Super Bowl 51 – The Numbers Just Don’t Add Up

February 2nd, 2017

The projected total for Super Bowl 51 is currently sitting at 58.5 (a record high). This comes after the NFC Championship game between the Packers and the Falcons closed with a playoff record high total of 59.5 (one point higher). That game lived up to expectations, with Atlanta winning by a score of 44-21. Eight different players scored touchdowns in that game, and plenty of money was made by bettors who play the prop market.

Despite expectations of record scoring, the bookmakers failed to adjust the prices for individual players to score touchdowns, and offered low totals on receptions and total yards for receivers. I wrote a couple of articles, detailing what I felt was a “Big Mistake” by bookmakers. In one of those articles I listed my top nine players to score touchdowns, and seven of those players ended up finding “pay dirt”, which would have been quite profitable considering five of those players were paying out as underdogs.

It doesn’t look like the books have made any adjustments for the Super Bowl, certainly not when it comes to individual players to score touchdowns. Lets have a look at the top players from each team:

1: Julio Jones -$134
(4 TDs last 4 games)
Jones had nine catches for 180 yards and two TDs in the NFC Championship game. He’s been unstoppable when healthy, no matter who’s covering him. He did get the better of Seattle’s Richard Sherman twice this year.
2: Devonta Freeman -$134 (6 TDs last 5 games)
Freeman is not your typical running back, and he does have to split the workload with Coleman. He scored eight rushing TDs in his final eight games of the regular season.
3: LeGarrette Blount -$125 (18 TDs this season)
Blount had an NFL best 18 rushing TDs during the regular season.
4: Julian Edelman -$105 (2 TDs last 3 games)
Edelman is coming off three straight 100+ yard games.
5: Tevin Coleman +$137 (6 TDs last 6 games)
Coleman has been getting almost as many carries as Freeman the last few weeks, and he’s been just as productive.
6: Dion Lewis +$137 (3 TDs last 2 games)
He scored three TDs in the win over the Texans a few weeks ago, including a kick return for a TD.
7: Mohamed Sanu +$175 (3 TDs last 3 games)
If the Patriots decide to double Jones, Sanu could have a big game. He would also be the top WR if Jones gets injured (as he often does).
8: Chris Hogan +$175 (2 TDs last game)
Hogan doesn’t get as many targets as most guys, but he’s often involved in big plays. He had four catches for 95 yards against the Texans. Then he broke out with nine catches for 180 yards and two TDs in the win over Pittsburgh.

While the odds are better than they should be for all of these players, I have narrowed it down to just five. If you want to get more detailed information on my player prop bets, you can signup for my newsletter @ (100% FREE).

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